• New Bottle Model

    New Bottle Model

    new-bottle-model2014-11-03 05:56:132015-07-02 18:29:192014-11-03 05:57:08
    Orzone Mineral Water Exports (Pvt) Ltd introduces a new shape for 500ml water bottles.
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  • New Machines

    New Machines

    new-machines2014-11-03 05:55:242015-07-02 18:26:232014-11-03 05:56:07
    We got a new machine to make better quality and creative plastic models.
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  • Orzone Mineral Water New Website

    Orzone Mineral Water New Website

    website-launch2014-11-02 19:47:372014-11-30 23:50:272014-11-02 19:48:26
    We Launched our new website, and you are most welcome to visit.
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  •  Orzone Mineral Water Exports

    Orzone Mineral Water Exports

    orzone-mineral-water2014-07-03 06:01:092015-07-02 18:31:162014-11-03 06:02:25
    Orzone Mineral Water Exports is the leading water exporters in Sri Lanka.
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