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Orzone water filled from the earth watercor rock formation , and is bottled at source of deep tube well , near the mountain range of “Namunukula “ is 6671 ft. above the sea level at Hali- Ela The water is untouched, recharged by the natural rain and organically filtered through layers of mountain rock. It bottled under hygienic conditions according to Sri Lanka Standards - SLS 894  at the source with the approval of the Ministry of Health registration number CFA/BW/40/2013-10.

Our minimal filtration process serves only to mechanically remove fine particulates, leaving traces of beneficial minerals and a natural alkaline level ideal for the body’s PH balance. And that’s it. We never treat our water with purifying by using chemicals, preservatives, distillation or anything else that would harm the water’s natural purity.

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Orzone Water