Health & Water


Why Do We Need Water?

Drinking water is extremely important in maintaining good health.  The human body is estimated to be made up of approximately 72% water, it removes waste, transports oxygen, protects your joints and organs & regulates body temperature.

  • Heart 75%
  • Lungs 80%
  • Lymph 94%
  • Bones 22%
  • Liver 72%
  • Muscle 75%
  • Kidneys 83%
  • Brain 75%
  • Blood 83%

The Source

There are many sources of drinking water; bore water, tank water, desalinated water, recycled sewerage water, and the most common is treated dam water (town water). With every source comes its own set of problems, Dam water for instance can be riddled with bacteria, blue green algae, sediment and more. This means that the water authorities need to add chemicals to combat these problems. Unfortunately it's these chemicals that are harmful to our bodies and in many cases have been directly linked to Alzheimer's', Miscarriage, Heart Attacks & many forms of cancer.


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