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    NATIONAL STANDARDS – Drinking Water

    Some countries do maintain national standards for drinking water. Some even have their own national certification and registration schemes. Some of which are mandatory and some are not.

    In Sri Lanka it is mandatory to obtain one of two registrations, namely for “bottled drinking water” (CFA/BW/40/2013-10- Renewable)  issued by the Ministry of Health.

    The Sri Lanka Standards Institution also provides an additional independent certification scheme which is not mandatory for the two definitions of bottled water namely SLS 894 for “bottled drinking water”.

    The Ministry of Health (MOH) works very closely with the Sri Lanka Standards Institute (SLSI) and has nominated SLSI to carry out all audits and analysis (micro biological and chemical) of source water and finished product prior to a registration being issued to an applicant. MOH awards registration on the recommendation from SLSI, provided the applicant passes all audits and analyses carried out.

    SLSI carries out its audits and analysis based on the national standards maintained by them for “bottled drinking water” SLS 894. These national standards for drinking water are based on the guidelines set forth by CODEX.

  • 2011CFA/BW/40/2013-10- Renewable

    The certificate of CFA/BW/40/2013-10- Renewable is certified by Ministry of Health Registration.

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